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the first step towards spiritual well-being!

In ancient vedic times, an active lifestyle was not a luxury but a necessity. At the age of 60, couples would head out to the forest and pursue their spiritual practices as a part of their retirement journey. Physical fitness to keep the body housing the eternal soul was a founding principle of spirituality.

Try chanting mantras and experiencing deep meditation with a backache or a pain in the neck! Isolation and fitness are the most effective maps that help navigate the spiritual highways.

Isolation is the Netflix for the Yogis without the need for binge watching and killing their restful sleep. The past few months have given a taste of isolation to all of humanity. Different people have explored different ways of handling this map. Some are itching to get out again while others have realised new avenues of life. On a personal front, not having watched a single Netflix series in the past 6+ months has made me an outcast in my social networks (as if quitting alcohol wasn't enough).

Fitness is another element essential before embarking on deep meditation. Yogis for time immemorial have advised the importance of the dietary and physical well-being to assist in the spiritual journeys. Sitting in an asana (posture) for an hour without numbing your blood-flow is critical first step. Without a fit body, nothing can be experienced. In the busy lifestyles ( where people will find every possible excuse of why they couldn't exercise but certainly are abreast of every new Netflix series), one can imbibe simple techniques to get started.

Luckily for me, my wife is a certified physical fitness instructor. Neha's progress inspired me to consciously tune my posture habits which had gone from bad to worse in the self proclaimed "busy" corporate life. Her fitness discipline was so regimented that she went onto become a fitness instructor after a serious knee injury in the past. Her goal is simple - help others take the first step in their fitness journey.

Checkout Get Set Go with Neha Youtube channel here

Improve your posture with these simple golden tips here

Hope you strike that pose well and get set go on your journeys! If you'd like to add more ways to strike a pose then please like, subscribe and share this article to engage others.

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