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break the illusionary eclipse

99% of the universe is space and silence rules the ever expanding space. Noise is just an aberration in this cosmic life. Try concentrating on learning something new with blaring music. Not that you cannot do it but it will be challenging for most - unless you have found a way to focus on the goal without straying from the path. Constant exposure to such blaring noise will only lead to mental exhaustion.

Many of the cases I deal with suffer from what I call "silence phobia". Eating while watching TV/ cellphone, taking the mobile device in the washroom, feeling the need of having a mobile device even when with kids and above all, finding excuses as to why they cannot meditate or pursue self grooming even though they can flip channels on social media and binge watch without any guilt.

There is certainly a moment of guilt ( since the routine is broken by the binge attitude) but is again taken over by the noise next day. Whatever you are watching or reading, the mind will absorb it and manifest the same kind of actions. The need for validation becomes so strong that the mind starts living in an illusion of acceptance from others. The illusion keeps bubbling and growing and one fine day, the illusion bursts and what remains is silence. Dealing with silence at that point in time takes a significant effort which practically manifests in form of the lack of patience and impulsive behavior spiralling into another illusion. By the time the mind realises it, it sometimes is too late. This is the core of most problems people face today.

In warfare, silence is considered a time to plan the moves and take stock of the situation. The challenge that the binge validation brings is that the meaning of silence is forgotten by the mind and the silence is misconceived by the self as a pattern break.

Strategic thinkers go silent when they are preparing for war. Chanakya, Mahatma Gandhi and many greats of the game would use their silence to explore their thoughts and rise above the prevalent noise. But why is it that only a few are able to truly capture the essence of silence? In karmic astrology, this is also one of the best activation techniques to generate positive thoughts and increase earning capacity

Correction requires focus. Our life is no different. Life gives us multiple signs to correct the self but the illusion is a strong adversary so it builds layers of insulation between the mind and the soul. The momentary illusion is so strong that the mind wants to break the silence just to fool itself that all is well. In the business world, people are most uncomfortable with awkward silence and someone always gives way. The one who is silent during that negotiation generally emerges as the winner.

Try this game on yourself ( ofcourse, this only works when you are even willing to change). Observe two people in an argument who do not let each other speak yet seek to find an illusionary win-win solution. Now replace these two people with your mind and your soul. We will bring in another player called the body. If either of these players is constantly speaking without the others having a chance to speak then one of them is clearly not thinking big. Allowing periods of silence for each party is one of the best ways to the freedom of expression.

Share your thoughts and express your feedback with us on how silence helps you express yourself better. On this day of lunar eclipse, spend 15 minutes in silence and seed the thoughts for a better self.

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