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The best holiday homework

Many of you are already planning the vacations or are already onwards to enjoy the end of the Gregorian calendar with the celebrations of Christmas and 2023 on its way. In a couple of days when the Sun moves in Sagittarius, it will trigger thoughts within the cosmos to start the long term planning.

For any special event to happen, only one planet is not able to manifest it, it needs a combination of multiple energies - this means a cohesive effort is needed to deliver results. The Sun is the King - it is the soul. While the soul wants to plan long term goals, the mind, the efforts, the thoughts and every other associated energy needs to be aligned to deliver on the plan. The King can never take time off but needs to think long term to align the broader strategy for the kingdom. The minister, the commander, the soldiers, business community, workers and the outlaws need to come together to deliver the manifesto of the King.

We at Astrosmiles are all set to drive this initiative with our co-passengers to help them deliver on their plan for 2023. We are bringing in new journeys for our clients this year to help them handle the changes upcoming in a more effective way. Be it health, wealth, business, relationships, office politics, investments, children, self development or the pure fulfilment of spiritual goals, we are ready to guide new journeys with our customers.

For those who have been on this ride with us for a while know that our ways are unique and highly focused. Magic is something which can only be experienced - and once you have, you never want to go back to the boring world of miseries and self guilt.

In the next 3 weeks, we are gearing up to launch our initiatives for 2023 with a sole focus of expanding this experience so reach out to us and we can help you work the plan. We solved many challenges in 2022 and helped thousands of people directly or indirectly through various means and we only intend to grow this further in the time to come.

Jyotish is not just a professional journey for me but it is something which has opened up my world to the realms of the universe unexplored. It is not something I need a holiday from but it is a holiday in its own as it gives the utmost peace when it helps solve problems of so many whom I am blessed to touch via the blessings of the Creator.

If you are interested to help yourself or someone you know then please do feel free to share our story with them. This is one of the best gifts you could give to someone in need of change so go ahead and take the first step. Make the most of this transit and plan ahead.

We are geared up to make it an exciting journey ahead with all the enthusiasm and energy of the cosmos. It is the best holiday homework for us and we look forward to helping more and more passengers through our journeys at Astrosmiles.

  • If you’d like a consultation for yourself or someone in need of our assistance then please reach out to or WhatsApp +6587277684.

  • If you thought Superman and Batman are great, try Being Hanuman . It is a power read to inspire the courage within you. Free download - share with family and friends to spread the energy.

  • Reach out to us for some exciting packages to plan your work and work your plan. We are full of energy so make most of the cosmic blessings.

  • We do free consultations for children suffering due to challenging health conditions so please feel free to reach out. We will try and give our best for those souls.

Please share, like and subscribe our initiatives so that the positive work can be spread to one and all.

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