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steering through the journey of life

Shiva and Shakti, left and right, thought and action are just examples of the fine balance we as humans aspire to achieve in this amazing journey of life. Life is a bouquet of partnerships - some partnerships are pre-defined while the others allow some level of free-will. A great partnership is one where both sides bring out the best in each other. More fulfilling partnerships are a blessing of celestial energies to enhance life's potential.

Karma manifests itself through various levels of partnership.

Good karma = great support to/from partners in a balance.

Negative karma = challenging partnership or lack of support.

What is a good partnership?

The success metrics of a good partnership could be in the form of resource, trust, emotion or thought. Life's purpose manifests through several different partnerships with only one goal - to connect the mind with the soul's purpose. The journey of the soul traverses across the physical manifestations of one life. Every energy is acting in unison to deliver its purpose towards the higher goal. Having good partners just ensures that elusive(for many) smooth ride even in turbulent times. ( as they say ... throw a lucky man/woman in the deep waters and he/she will come out with a fish in the mouth).

So what is it that one can do to achieve such partnerships?

#Openness and #acceptance. If you go deep within, these were the 2 factors which drove you towards your best friend. The challenge is that after a certain age, many people are not able to tap into such energies and end up insulating the self. In the Universe Inc, one purposeful act towards the greater good will lead you to an abundance of partnerships. The Mind and Soul coming together through Pranayam, meditative practices, service and purposeful action are ways of breaking the patterns of negativity.

Once you have connected with the cosmic life openly, you will see the potential of partnership with each being. Look around you, at the most mundane level, the countries wherever each individual has taken ownership of wearing a mask and following individual discipline for the good of others (and self) are steering through this challenging time. Those in denial and arrogance will hopefully get a message and realise the need to change.

A game-changing partnership of Jupiter and Saturn kicked-off a few days ago(on 20th Nov) which aims to bring a different kind of an energy balance in the world. Add to it the lunar and the solar eclipses in the next 25 days and you have a perfect combination for a global reset. Jupiter is the significator of happiness and Saturn is the significator of karma. They were conjunct earlier this year when the Cosmos Cabinet got together to discuss the future strategy.

In vedic astrology, Jupiter and Saturn(being the heaviest and the independent outer planets from Earth) drive pretty much 60- 70% of the events in one's being - so when either of them move, the Earth feels it. Those who have engaged in positive partnership of balancing their dharma and karma ( duty and action) have got nothing to worry- this transit partnership will bring the much needed change in your life. For the laggards, may Jupiter and Saturn help You - it is never too late!

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Nice thought Amit, It's really a blessing to have good and reliable partners in life. As we all say the like minded stays together. So if we have good intentions to start a partnership it would attract the right partners in life.

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