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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

It’s been 90 days I left my workplace and what a Quarter it’s been. What’s amazing is that even though I didn’t make any $ commissions this Q, it outscored all the Qs so far in any value.

1. Working for a living or living to work

This was the starting point of my goal setting exercise.Were there facets of my life that I wasn’t paying as much attention as was needed? Working 18-20 hours a day for past 17 years certainly started to show the gaps. Many a times did I prepare gap plans for the business performance, but it was time to put together a plan for living a fulfilled day.

2. 30-60-90

Those who have worked with me will be well aware of this ritual. Four wheels for the smooth ride to well-being were my focus this Q:

  • Family and friends

  • Self-development

  • Community service

  • Work which compliments the ride

Instead of solving everything, the focus was to set things in motion such that my direction is unwavering towards all the wheels of well-being rather than just the one wheel. Daily, weekly and monthly reviews + a lot of discipline gone into making it on plan so far.

3. Fruits of focus:

  • My kids are of the opinion that the Dad of this Q is the best version of the Dad who’s been with them for the past 10 years. (Dad seems to agree)

  • Quality time spent with the wifey on a beautiful holiday + mid-week lunch dates.

  • Zip lines and fun-times(including some crazy Tarzan jumps :)) in Bali with best of my mates

  • Meditation complimented yoga to discipline my routine.

  • Completely changed my diet to align my physical well-being (my drinking buddies are certainly not happy, but I am giving them company with hot water and honey ).

  • Initiated my spiritual journey and fortunate to organize my first Langar Community Dinner at the Gurudwara where I serve as much as I can.

  • Pursuing my childhood interest in astronomy and astrology to keep my creative juices flowing.

  • Catching-up with industry friends (you know who you are) who continue to guide me even without the fancy titles of the workplace

  • Mentoring and sharing my experiences via podcasts (Thanks to the Tigerhall team)

I shall aim to continually outperform this first Q but for the moment I am celebrating the wins by sharing this story with all of you.

Hope you are able to achieve your best Q across all wheels of well-being sooner than later.

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