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Eating a chapati may seem simple but it got me thinking about what goes through a Chapati's life. From the seed to the fruit, the whole process is one filled with sacrifices and selflessness.

Much like an infant, it is nurtured with water and protected by the farmer to ensure it achieves great value and taste. Then follows the transformational phase of grinding of the wheat to become nutritious flour to be processed and packaged into a polished product. The grinder is never an easy master but it certainly ensures mass appeal. This is learning process which prepares the flour for the journey ahead.

Mixed with the right amount of emotional water, the kneading process of the flour takes the shape of the Chapati family. After a lot of shaping, pushing and twisting around, the right mix is ready. Out comes the roller ( belan) and the flour is taking different shapes. Life changes the little seeds into the form ready to serve the society. The Chapati is on its first step to serve the hungry stomach.

It is now frying pan ( tawa) time. With the right amount of heat on one side of its life, it is suddenly flipped to the other side to balance the heat - initially it is confused but the heat helps it realize that the heat is actually making it balanced and lighter. Once flipped, the chapati suddenly starts to fill with air as if someone just gave it a fresh breath of oxygen. With a message of service for the hungry stomach, the Chapati with no ego is now ready to become a part of its ultimate destination.

A great remedy to remain healthy and rich in thoughts and actions is to respect the food and the ecosystem one lives in. Selflessness of the Chapati to become a part of You is what a fulfilling life is all about.

It is a time where the heat is growing on the world. The frying pan will test the world in the coming weeks. Whether people will learn from the Chapati or burst due to too much air is to be seen.

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