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Hey Humans - Happy Mother's Day!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

A message from the wild.

Humans are getting fidgety about the impending freedom from the several months of lockdown and sorrow. There is an eerie feeling of anxiety across the animal kingdom, forests and the oceans too.

From the Peruvian birds to the fish in the Humboldt current , from the glaciers in Greenland to the polar bears in Antarctica, from Himalayas to the Ganga, from Masai Mara to Mt. Fuji - all free beings are wishing us a Happy Mother’s day.

In recent times, the flamingos in Albania and Mumbai and dolphins in Bosphorus, sent a clear message from the animal kingdom. Tables have turned in terms of the intrusions and captivity.

On Mother’s day, we thank our mother for all the sacrifices and the unconditional love- but what about Mother Nature? It’s time we express our gratitude and think about our extended family...

No matter who you maybe, Mother Nature has shown you your place. a few positives that you can take from this captive Mother’s day -

  1. Live every day and enjoy the fresh air – help the planet – go for a walk everyday but plant a tree this year.

  2. Pursue your hobby that you developed during the lockdown – if you are stress free, you will be able to act more responsibly.

  3. Don’t put that board game away – family time keeps your stress levels down.

  4. Break a bread as a family every day. The phone calls and emails can wait.

  5. While eating with your family, remind yourself and your kids the importance of recycling, saving water and food and care for mother nature.

  6. Don’t litter – it all comes back one day - am sure many of you cleaned up every drawer in your home.

  7. Spend some time to meditate everyday – go within.

  8. Help others – there are vulnerabilities in our society that have been exposed clearly in 2020.

  9. Accept the challenges and stop complaining – the animals adapt and we should expect no special treatment from Mom nature if we don’t play by the rules of the family.

  10. Elevate yourself across mental, spiritual and physical aspects - it takes one to change the world.

In just the past 50 years, the damage to our key natural ecosystems has doubled compared to the damage over the past hundreds of years – our Mother is in danger – hope you resolve to protect her so she can bless us with the freedom and freshness we eagerly await.

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Amit Mehta
Amit Mehta
May 11, 2020

Thank you - appreciate your encouragement.


Really an eye-opener time due to lockdown. What ever damage we have done to mother Earth, it's time to pay back. We must pledge to take care of mother Earth and give back to her in terms of plantation and try to reduce carbon footprint as much possible at our end. Nice Article Amit to remind our duty towards mother Earth.

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