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Energy crisis

and how to overcome it!

Energy is a prized asset but there is enough in the cosmos for every being to harness this energy so why is there an energy crisis? There are very few sources of energy in the cosmos but when you find this energy the key is to propel the self and not hold back. The source remains the source until it energizes others so give out all the positive energies possible to those around you.

Different states of energy are needed at different stages. To start a machine, it requires a different level of energy, to run the machine a different level and to eventually reach maximum performance level it requires a completely different level of settings.

Our body is no different. Our body is made up of all elements of nature - air, water, earth, fire and ether or sky. This element comes through to us from nature itself - that's why the food we eat takes shape of our body - we become the food we eat. Depending on what level of energy one needs for the body, the type of food is prescribed.

The cosmos is no different either. Even the daily transits define what sort of energy will prevail and how one soul will behave differently from the other. The space time continuum is key to this energy principle. The cosmos you have built around yourself will decide the kind of thoughts and actions your subconscious mind will drive you towards a conscious act.

The home and office is certainly no different. Your energy decides which city, house and the seat you get at your home or office. If you are at the right space at the right time then people call you lucky. The converse is also true. If one changes the space and time then the energy changes. There is no crisis anymore.

The imbalance of energy is created when one only looks at one facet with so much energy that something else which is right in front of the conscious mind seems transparent. This imbalance grows to a point where a crisis emerges and then the entire focus changes.

The question then arises as to what is the solution or is there any solution? Think about a car with a 1000 cc engine and you are constantly feeding the car jet fuel in the hope of getting the jet speeds from this engine - will it work? Where then lies the challenge? in the fuel or the engine itself?

Our Wellness Journeys focus on increasing the engine capacity itself coupled with the right fuel to power the engine. Different engines need different fuels to start, run and eventually reach peak performance. Once you reach the peak performance with a particular engine, the fuel can only take you so far - the engine needs constant upgrades or you need a new perspective - external paints and fancy seats will only increase the external beauty but the power will not increase.

Astrosmiles has been upgrading its Wellness Journeys and we are now expanding into creating the right balance of energies through various practical aspects. Through thousands of engines reviewed, we are thankful to the cosmos for allowing us the opportunity to bring forward a new way of Astrology, Vastu and energy balance to help our fellow passengers. 2023 is round the corner and those who wish to plan the journey ahead are most welcome to reach out to us.

If you are already a great engine, then you could even gift a consultation to someone who may benefit from our Wellness Journey. If you are interested in exploring how you can harness the energy and overcome the deficits then reach out to us.

  • If you’d like a consultation for yourself or someone in need of our assistance then please reach out to or WhatsApp +6587277684.

  • If you thought Superman and Batman are great, try Being Hanuman . It is a power read to inspire the courage within you. Free download - share with family and friends to spread the energy.

  • Reach out to us for some exciting packages to overcome the Energy Crisis. We are full of energy so make most of the cosmic blessings.

  • We do free consultations for children suffering due to challenging health conditions so please feel free to reach out. We will try and give our best for those souls.

Please share, like and subscribe our initiatives so that the positive work can be spread to one and all.

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