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Can a lion, peacock, bull, rat and snake live under one roof peacefully?

The ultimate remedy to overcome conflicts.

Living or working under one roof with a diverse group of individuals can be a challenging task. Everyone has different habits, preferences, and personalities that can create conflicts and tension. However, the idea of a lion, peacock, bull, rat, and snake living together under one roof is beyond challenging. Each of these animals has unique characteristics that make them incompatible with one another. Is it possible for these animals living together peacefully? Let’s analyze this deeper.

The lion is a fierce predator known for its strength and agility. It is the king of the jungle and has a natural instinct to hunt and kill. The peacock, on the other hand, is a symbol of beauty, grace, and elegance. It loves to strut its feathers and display its beauty. The bull is a powerful animal that is often used in bullfighting and rodeos. It is known for its strength and stubbornness. The rat is a small and agile creature that is often seen scurrying around in search of food. Finally, the snake is a venomous reptile that is feared by many.

With such diverse characteristics, it is hard to imagine these animals living together peacefully.

The lion could easily prey on the rat or snake, while the bull could become agitated by the peacock's presence. However, if we consider the possibility of providing a suitable environment for each animal, we may be able to create a peaceful coexistence.

Firstly, each animal would require its own space that caters to its needs. For example, the lion would need a large enclosure that allows it to roam around freely and hunt. The peacock would need a spacious aviary that allows it to display its feathers and fly. The bull would need a spacious paddock that allows it to graze and exercise. The rat would need a small cage with tunnels and hiding places. Finally, the snake would need a secure terrarium that provides a warm and humid environment.

Secondly, it would be important to ensure that each animal is provided with a suitable diet. The lion would require a diet of meat, while the peacock would need a diet of fruits, vegetables, and insects. The bull would need a diet of hay and grains, while the rat would require a diet of seeds and grains. Finally, the snake would need a diet of rodents or small mammals.

While the idea of a lion, peacock, bull, rat and snake living together may seem impossible, it is something that has been happening across eons of time in the Shiva family. Ganesha rides a rat, Karthikeyan rides a peacock, Shiva rides a bull and Maa Parvati rides a lion/tiger.

Astrology is everything about observations around energy and how the differences exist symbiotically in the universe. One of the names of Lord Shiva is Pashupati Nath which essentially means the leader and saviour of animals.

This post is not about religion but my observations and lessons around the thousands of visits to the place where a lion, peacock, bull, rat and snake live under one roof - Welcome to the Shiva family Temple and the most amazing Shiva family. Try it during this time and see the magic - Shiva is a universal energy and the beej mantra Om is His symbol. Give us your feedback once you have executed this remedy - all you have to do is to visit the Shiva family and experience the magic.

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