Being Hanuman - my first ebook!

Updated: Jul 27

It gives me great honour to launch my first book with a goal to inspire the Hanuman within you. Presenting Being Hanuman.

Being Hanuman is a power-read(~45 minutes) packed with interesting legends and purposeful messaging. Several stories will help you visualize Hanuman’s journey and apply His limitless strength in your life. Take the first step to Being Hanuman.

5 things you may not know about Hanuman

1. Hanuman is the incarnation of Shiva. He personifies strength, loyalty and willpower.

2. Hanuman literally means a “disfigured jaw”.

3. The 40 verses(Chalisa) of Hanuman is one of the most popular hymns globally.

4. Written in the 16th century, Hanuman Chalisa gave a scientific calculation about the approximate distance between the Sun and the Earth to a very accurate level.

5. Hanuman signifies logic, strength and quick thinking. His greatest feet was to lift a mountain and travel across India to save lives.

Take the first step to Being Hanuman here

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