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Astrosmiles just completed 2 moon cycles! Things have moved pretty quickly!

On this occasion, I've put together something for you. A free eBook containing all my blog posts until today. It is a collection of my thoughts rendered with the brush of imagination for you to enjoy, so that you continue the encouragement you have showered on my being.

2020 will be remembered by many of us as a year of challenges, introspection and victories. Personally, it is one of the most transformational years of my life. From the negativity at the workplace towards building my passion of helping people, it has been an amazing challenge and opportunity. Happiness truly is a journey!

Astrosmiles was born in 2020 for the world but the seed was sown two decades ago in my mind when I started learning astrology and kicked off my corporate career. Hope you like the collection of thoughts presented in this ebook. Go ahead and use the promo code "astrosmiles" to download the eBook here. Please subscribe and share this post to spread the positivity.

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