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Programming the mind

Astrology is a science for those who are empty within. Just as a musical instrument with emptiness can bring out the best tunes, our mind can only play when it is free from the conditioning provided by several people who want us to think only a certain way... the conformist way.

People will only criticize the other because they themselves have given up on trying or achieving that thing. It is their block that they throw on your mind. So how do you handle this?

Different people will see different things in the code above. Even with such a simple exercise we have different perspectives so one can only imagine the depth of the universe and what it is trying to communicate to each individual. The question really is whether you are open to receive those messages.

From money matters to health, divorce cases to wealth, litigation to psychological blocks, life throws tests daily to my mind to help people resolve those hidden codes of the universe. Some of them are self inflicted wounds while the others are baggage carried forward from the past. With so many changes happening in the world, being stable within is of utmost importance - more than ever. Solving those challenges requires the utmost dedication to programming the mind. This is the core essence of Astrosmiles Wellness Journeys.

Mahashivratri is a time to absorb the energies from the cosmos but it comes with a responsibility. You cannot be selfish. Our Wellness Journeys are by invite for our regular clients but not for all for this same reason. Those who are not loyal to themselves cannot decipher the code of the cosmos. The journey starts with the self and most times continues with the self only.

Comment in the blog as to what you see when you read 2BORNOT2B.

There is a special Mahashivratri consultation planned for clients who book the consult between now and Mahashivratri i.e. 2nd March 2022. Reach out to for more details. Share, like and spread the goodness.

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