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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

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Catching the beat is the mark of a good musician. Those who have played music will understand the nuances of clearing the mind before a performance. There are distractions and traps laid out before every performance. The challenge with the world is that when someone is playing on a different beat, they are unable to understand it and seem to judge the performer ( the key is the performer focuses on his/her own performance). Only when they reach a similar situation do they take note of the beats and the rhythm that were being played for them.

Take for example, a person who is going through depression and anxiety - the world is falling apart and everyone is on a different chord than this native. The native seems to think that he/she is on the right chord. Healing is eventually a game of beats. The music to one ear is noise to another. At Astrosmiles, we have structured programs which help the native to balance and align the energies to recover from this noisy state of mind.

The karmic cycle is well understood by Astrosmiles clients. Random events have no place in astrology- it is a chain of events and karmas which lead to where one is - in the past few weeks, I've consulted several parents who have a certain karmic baggage towards their children. Once they have understood the rhythm at which they need to operate, every day is now suddenly a new one.

Understanding the rhythm requires devotion and does not work for the native with a transactional mindset. The transactional mindset can be well suited for your day jobs but when it comes to karmic healing then it fails miserably and we do not take such clients as it is a mismatch of expectations.

There are only 2 ways to live - a) either let rust and dust get hold of the musical instruments given to you by the Universe and play a losing hand or b) get moving everyday to practice the instrument - no matter how many times it fails. Aligning energies consistently is the key to the best possible music from any given instrument.

The thought is the most powerful asset - knowledge of improving the self is greater than any but it only blesses those who wish to put in the efforts consistently. A untrained and illogical mind will only get satisfied by instant gratification and immediate remedies.

In the upcoming 45 days, there will be significant changes in individual's life depending on the chart combinations but for sure those who have persevered will see results.

(Disclaimer: this is a generic transit result but individual results will depend on each chart).

For the best musicians, the music is a pious process - if you wish to be the best version of the self then it requires devotion, trust and an undying passion to improve everyday. If not, then the rust and dust will catch the music instrument called life. Which way are you living?

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