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We live in a world where distractions are abundant and the metrics of success measured via a trigger based happiness. Different sort of conditioning will define what the triggers are for specific individuals. The fragility of the mind and body were created to help both of them align with the purpose of the soul but the conditioning leads to the complete opposite scenario. Lack of direction and blockage of the mind, money or matter is experienced by many.

Challenges arise when the mind is not aligned with the purpose of the soul. Now, the question is when does this whole thing kick in? This is where the timing of events kicks in. For any event to happen, there is a build-up involved. People show up in your life and start building the screenplay. People who show up are entirely dependent on your own mindset. Nobody shows up without reason - such is the beauty of the experience of the soul. When the time period of the soul takes over, it ensures that whatever is coming in the way of the soul's purpose is either settled or removed from one's life - this is a transformative phase of a native's life.

The soul chose this mind and body to fulfil its purpose and gives many signs to the both but most are closed to the realm of the soul or choose to live in denial. Losses in career, relationships and health only occur when the mind is closed and not aligned with the soul. Blame games, complaining and anger gives way to a different sort of realization. This realization is the first step towards happiness. Contrary to the trigger based happiness, this is a feeling where despite all the challenges, the soul drives the mind and body to a point where the soul's karma takes over and provides the much needed relief after the turbulence.

When the individual initiates the connection with the soul's purpose, material success, physical and mental health are just a small collateral benefit. The abundance of the ecosystem of life opens up - the highest level of karma unlocks the potential hidden from the past lives and the inner core is exposed to the mind and the body. Correcting the actions aligned with the soul is one of the best ways to steer clear of the challenges that maybe troublesome for many but become a source of opportunity for You.

Our Wellness Journeys are structured around helping individuals experience the magic of the universe but the condition is very simple - one should be willing to invest on self development and allow the universe to take over proceedings. With targeted remedies, counselling and motivation - several challenges are overcome allowing the native to fulfil the karma associated with the soul.

Aligning the highest karma within this mortal body is only possible when one goes soulo.

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