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If there is anything that the last 2 years have taught the world is the value of that one word and how much we take it for granted. Some were literally stuck in isolation while others were stuck in their thoughts, with wrong partners, wrong jobs, wrong goals while some lucky ones connected with themselves during these unprecedented times.

Such has been the impact, that when facilities opened up recently, people did not care about the movie but just wanted to experience a movie with their partner or friends for the sheer joy of freedom. While breathing without a mask is still a luxury ( well for those who are at least diligently wearing it), this time has been highly transformational for many I know. - and then there were who are still stuck under a mask - not just against COVID but their own potential.

There have been some of the most amazing experiences shared by our clients and the community we helped in the past 18 months. We are thankful to our clients and friends who trusted Jyotish as their guide. Above all, I am thankful to the cosmos for allowing me to get a glimpse of the unseen.

Our Wellness Journeys continue to make positive impact on minds across the world highlighting the power of thought and the trust in the magic of the universe.

With 2022 in close proximity, new journeys await us - those who have strengthened their wings and developed agility and flexibility will fly far and beyond. Let us not forget the value of freedom and the efforts put in by all those who sacrificed.

Astrosmiles wishes each and all a very prosperous 2022. To new horizons and infinity.

Sincere gratitude,


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