Purposeful and consistent advisory to prepare you to handle changes. 


Everyday is a step towards your purpose. In this program of 6 moon cycles, you will be able to take the first step towards change and align your energies with the planetary energies. Health, career, relationships and wealth matters or any areas of your life that need focus can be assessed to help you understand and prepare the steps towards happiness. 


6 month Wellness Consultation program includes 
- astrologic consultation for 1 pax 
- structured remedies
- monthly check-in and remedies
- motivational conversations & exercises


Helping you understand energies at play, pending karma & a peek in the future. Activation of energies with simple actions bears significant fruits. Every month is different and the planetary positions demand different energy activation to serve your purpose of being. Wellness is a journey via astrology and is best served through a consistent focus of specific actions needed at a very personalised level. Many clients have reaped benefits of specific predictions. My approach is very focused on practical remedies and events based activation methods. Please ensure you send you DoB, place and time for chart analysis. A booking invite will be sent to you to schedule the reading. (Disclaimer: astrosmiles reserves right to cancel order for certain chart combination individuals).


My approach is a combination of traditional vedic astrology and practical remedies to help you on the next step from realisation to happiness. Challenges are life's ways of helping us realise our purpose. Astro consultations require a lot of focus and preparation from my end so please provide your Date, Place and time of birth in the booking form. You shall get a detailed report with predictions and remedies that you can adopt to invoke the positive energies supporting your horoscope.

-6 sessions *1 hour


Take the first step to realisation. 


P.S: Being Hanuman is included for customers who choose the consultation. 

6 months Astrosmiles Wellness Plan

$906.00 Regular Price
$551.00Sale Price
  • please provide your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. 

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