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2020 was a transformational year. While it brought challenges to the forefront, it did bring out reform at a national, international and most importantly individual level. Strategic shifts happened in the way people communicate, engage and even spend their day. Some found it tough while some eased into the changes very easily. No matter what one went through, the Mother Nature had it her way.

At Astrosmiles, our approach is all about embracing change and guiding a customized wellness journey aligned to the planetary energies of each client. My predictive approach helped the clients understand the areas of life where the energies were misaligned or what action was bringing them the karmic backlog. Some of the greatest achievements in 2020 for Astrosmiles was the change that came about in our client's thought process and thereby manifesting itself into outcomes or acceptance to let go and move ahead. This affirmation from clients was the food for my soul. The predictive and systematic approach leveraging vedic astrology not only helped my clients but also fine-tuned my experience in Jyotish. The constant learning and predictive techniques kept my mind focused and goal orientated.

So what is the way forward in 2021? Well the answer is simple but not always easy. It is akin to asking which planetary energy is most important to consider while analysing a horoscope.

A balanced diet is always recommended for full nourishment of the body but the balanced diet depends on the type of occupation and the level of physical or mental effort that the body demands. Similarly, from a planetary energy perspective, the same planetary combination in different charts gives different results depending on various factors - ergo a customized activation and wellness journey. No two people are alike in this universe yet the balance of life lies in bringing the unity in diversity of being. Those who understand the nuances of this balance do not look at event based happiness but enjoy the process itself.

Let us all start the year with a thought to enjoy the ride during 2021 despite the challenges it may throw at us. One needs to remember that the Creator does not give a challenge to someone who is not capable of handling it... whether one is aware of this strength is the question.

Wishing you and yours a very prosperous, safe and a fulfilling 2021.

Thank you for your support in 2020. Please follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media for regular updates and continue the encouragement in 2021.

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