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Selfless acts are the seeds of magic! Try it and experience the power within.

Astrosmiles approach is gaining momentum with its clients and well-wishers. In our previous post Exit Strategy 10 days ago, we set out on 2 missions to initiate the process of reform in two of the crematoriums in Delhi and Gurgaon. More have started to emerge.

Mission#1 : Construction of shed for public in the children area.

Collective energies come up with solutions. It took 7 people from across the globe to contribute a very simple act of putting together materials to construct a shed in a crematorium.

5000 bricks, 30 bags of cement and a lot of good wishes for a pious work delivered.

Astrosmiles thanks each of you who came forward to help this selfless and silent act. As I write this post, the material for the construction is delivered to initiate the building of the public shed in the children's area of the crematorium.

Lord Shiva is blessing all involved in this simple yet deep karma. With monsoons and peak summer approaching, it will help the masses for years to come.

Mission #2 : Crematorium in Delhi

  1. A generous couple has come forward and initiated the work of Pyaau (water point) which will be completed in a few months.

  2. 150 feet * 12 * 2 walls to be constructed to help secure the institution - a group of Braveheart and generous women have taken up this initiative and Astrosmiles will be supporting the construction of this wall via awareness campaigns and request for contributions from the public and its clients. Astrosmiles salutes the will and resolve of these leaders and their staff to take this on.

  3. We still have a long list of actions which await Samaritans to come forward and make a difference in this initiative itself.

  • Room to keep ashes.

  • 9000 fire bricks, clay for the pyres. A truly selfless person showed up who is helping us on this initiative ( more about him when we get all of the work started). We are working through the labour and transport options for building out the refurbished pyres.

  • shed for pyres.

  • cement, sand, iron frames.

  • Gate for the crematorium ( you can even dedicate and pay homage to any of your ancestors - they shall allow you to emboss their name on it).

Astrosmiles is working with several orphanages and old age homes as well to coordinate their requests of medicines, food, basic necessities of education, clothes, shoes, toiletries, stationary items and essentials for children and the elderly. Stay tuned - this is soon coming forward in our agenda. If you have ideas to contribute then please feel free to write to us.

Our remedies of Astrology are all about karma aligned with your chart and energies. It is a gentle effort to make that subtle nudge in the minds of people in touch with Astrosmiles that they take charge of their lives with the karmas aligned to their purpose and in that process make a shift in other people's lives.

If there is anything that the last 10 days have taught each and one involved is that the collective consciousness can achieve goals and set sail for larger initiatives. My utmost gratitude for the trust and selflessness of such amazing people.

We thank everyone who played their part and encourage others to come forward and make a difference. When the heart is fulfilled, one can achieve anything.

Try it and experience the magic of the cosmos. No one has ever become poor by giving! We will continue our efforts so don't miss the opportunity to help.

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Thanks Amit again to initiate a very selfless act to upgrade a few last destinations of mankind. Also thanks to all who contributed in it. Keep up the good work buddy 👍

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