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The blockchain system to navigate the highs and lows of life!

Observe the way ants operate in unison and you will realise the level of coordination with which they operate in the ecosystem. A drop of ocean operates the same way with other drops until it becomes a force to either nurture life or destroy it through calm waters or tsunamis. #Karma is no different. Each act adds towards the summation of the cumulative karma which carries on for generations.

#Astrology is a mathematical science which helps understand these karmic patterns and align the actions towards a better being. It is an energy principle which is followed throughout nature. When a negative thought ( even if it leads to action or not) is carried out against nature ( and it includes all living and non-living beings) a corresponding negative energy message is sent back to the source. A positive action (or thought) generates an equal reaction from nature (sometimes even more than one action). Here lies the encrypted message of the most sophisticated #blockchain system to navigate the karmic #ocean.

The question is whether people are able to understand this blockchain? Misunderstood, misinformed and misled, the easiest approach is to rebuke the science itself. Planets and their energies do not come to trouble us, they come to change us. Just as a frictionless body operates better in sport, a frictionless mind operates towards purposeful action. Karma is akin to an #activation.

There are natural activations which occur in our lives which we may not be able to control

(e.g. birth in the family we are born in, the country we are born in and so on) and then there are free will activations ( e.g. helping someone, judging someone or even attacking someone through our thoughts or actions). All these thoughts lead to a cumulative karmic ocean in which one may struggle to even surf on the low tides to begin with, but with the positive affirmations and freewill one maybe able to ride the largest waves where others may struggle. #gowithintogobeyond #simpleisnoteasy

At #astrosmiles, many of my clients are amazed at the simple activation techniques that help them achieve peace and positive results. There are always scenarios where a lot of debt is owed to a particular energy for actions across generations and then there are areas where a lot of credit is due to them from the Universe Inc. for all the good deeds of their earlier generations. When one has paid the debt back to the bank, one is liberated. Some souls keep on adding debt without paying back and the debt keeps rising up for the next generations to pay and this time the interest is pretty steep. This steep interest shows up in form of challenges in the blockchain of life.

On the pious occasion of Dussehra, Astrosmiles urges each of you to take one #action towards a better #tomorrow for the older "You" and the next generations. Dust off the friction and uplift your spirit. Let go of the Ravanas within to go beyond the self. This is the blockchain code to break through the deep waters of the karmic ocean! and yes, your #karma is your #life jacket so go for it - your next generations will thank you for hacking this encrypted code so they could swim in a serene and clear karmic ocean!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy #Dussehra! Let the soul guide your journey.

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  • Suggested Read: Ramayana Theorem: mathematics behind Dussehra and Diwali

  • Credits for the blockchain idea: my dear friend Bala Balamurali

  • Credits for the water drop photo: Linus Mimietz

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