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The most critical transaction of 2020 in next 14 days....Banking with Universe Inc!

Are you a Giver or a Taker?

Consider a scenario - you tried everything but things are not working out and you are about to give up - suddenly, out of nowhere, someone least expected shows up and helps you out and your work is done.

If you've had such a scenario ever in your life ( whether your work, relationship, health or any important moment) then your account is opened in the Bank of Universe Inc. Guess who the bankers are? They are your ancestors who are giving you blessings. While you may think this to be a coincidence ( and some may say they are self-made) but it is an energy who shows up to convey the message from the energies of the lineage. No matter who you are or what you become, someone helped you.( if you still think otherwise then you are a Taker who really will benefit by Giving).

In mundane banking, the credit history is important for one to draw down the resources and transact in the world. Similarly, in the Bank of Universe, it is important to maintain a strong credit limit if you wish to draw down the energy for the most critical transactions in life. If you keep taking and don't give then a point comes when the credit runs out. The Banker comes knocking - if payments were made on time then it would never run out and the Banker would have probably offered a top-up interest free loan with no minimum payments needed.

In vedic #astrology and many religions across the world, there is a strong emphasis on #lunar and #solar #transitions. Either the Sun or the Moon is weak on those dates. The month of September is a crucial month in the banking system of the Universe. Change is on its way.

If you are intrigued and still don't trust your Bank then here is something for you to try - this is the most critical transaction of 2020 so do not miss it. (Don't worry, the Bank is not paying me any commissions but surely buckets of gratitude that comes through from my clients or even strangers reading this blog post who will see benefits in their life with such timely payments).

Nature itself has a way of #Giving and #Taking so beautifully that we can observe it in our everyday life. The trees give us Oxygen and we Take it all. Extreme of either Giving or Taking is not a great equation - don't agree? try only breathing-in all the time. #Balance is necessary.

17th September 2020, choose a charity or your place of worship and donate food or money or any resources that the charity or your place worship needs or accepts. If you are too busy then you can feed ants or animals who show up at your doorstep. Plant a tree or employ someone. While conducting this most critical transaction with the Bank of Universe, do remember all your #ancestors and thank each of them to have brought you to where you are.

While this is not a one-time act but even one such act will give you a lot of peace in life.

Try it and send me your feedback about what happened within 14 days of this transaction with the Universe. Good #Luck and safe Banking!

If you’d like to share a story or observation about the blessings from your ancestors and sudden events changing your life, please like, subscribe, share this article.

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