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Energy is power

The cosmic dance is bringing out the best and the worst in humanity. Though it may seem unprecedented today, the cosmic constitution always has subtle dance moves to help realize the fragile balance of energy. It is just a snapshot of another time repeated in a sequence where to a naked eye observer it seems an unprecedented chain of events.

The beauty of time is that while the change is happening, it seems nothing is changing but when you look back, everything has changed. It is that kind of a time now. When you look back at the past 18-24 months, such trends will have manifested in different areas of life for different people. For some, it will be relationships, for some related to career or health and for some a possible total transformation. Efforts been put in specific areas of life have underperformed in terms of the results expected.

This is the cosmic dance which has been ongoing - things are stuck though there is a strong urge to change. It certainly is a time to practice karma yoga i.e. efforts applied without the wish of an outcome - the challenge is that 80%(and I am being generous here with 20%) of the people are not able to practice it as the society is structured around the external triggers of validation. Those who do not change will be forced to change - for those who do though and continue putting efforts in self development and upgrading themselves without getting distracted by the aberrations and the noise created by the surroundings shall be able to manage the change effectively.

This is a time to dance in trance - not to worry about what others think about how you are dancing but to enjoy the dance and focus the energy to derive power from this energy. If you are into dancing or not into dancing, just listening to high tempo music and dancing is a great remedy. The key is to not get affected by who is watching. Be Yourself.

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