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Oscar Wilde once said : "There are only 2 tragedies in life : one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it". The 2s are very closely defined by these words. Without the number 2, there can be no economics - ever seen a one-handed economist? :)

If you are born on 2,11,20 or 29 (or all the numbers of your DOB add to compound #2/11/20/29) or know someone with those dates then certainly you will find it an interesting read.

Creativity, imagination and a nurturing attitude are qualities prominent in 2s. In my observations, 2s always have some sort of affinity with food. They have a motherly feel associated to their interactions - nurses, caregivers, caretakers typically have a very prominent 2 energy. They will not focus on any goals until they get emotional fulfilment through it. Goals may constantly be changing and change becomes the normal in the life of 2s.

The planet that signifies the vibrations of 2 is one of the fastest moving planets in vedic #astrology : "Moon". (yes, in sidereal zodiac and vedic system, the Moon is considered a planet).

Just as the #Moon has a side which nobody has ever reached, there is a certain mystery element to the 2s. Their imaginative ability is not understood by everyone as creativity cannot be measured by logical metrics. Waning and waxing, the mood-swings can have high and low tides. Water is a key element for the 2s and they would always benefit by living close to a waterbody.

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